The Importance of the Right Work Culture

Do you look forward to waking up every day and going for your work? Does the idea of being a part of your organization excite you? If you say yes, then you are in the right place. Ever wondered, what could be the cause of your zeal? Well, out of all the reasons to look ahead to your job, the work culture plays a vital role. So what is it exactly? Why is it so important? Let us see.
 Culture is the personality and character of the organization. A company’s beliefs, principles and ideologies surround it. Almost one-third of our lives are spent in the workplace. We spend a good amount of 8 to 9 hours each day doing our job. So how do we stay happy? How do we start enjoying and not crib about our professional assignments? Well, it is simple! Be a part of a culture throbbing with energy, positive vibes, fun elements and a great place to learn and grow. Interestingly, the culture of a place is always evolving. So how has work culture evolved over the years? Fair question! Has it changed for good? Fair question, again! Well, let us discuss a few.
Getting the right people on the bus
Personalities and experiences of the employees shape the culture of an organization. For example, if most of the people in the company are friendly and outgoing, the culture appears to be fun, open and sociable. On the other hand, if negativity and complaints by the employees are widespread, a culture of negative vibes will take hold. 
These days, companies invest a substantial amount of time hiring the right person. The search is for the candidate who is a cultural fit. No doubt, culture is difficult to define, but you generally know when you have found the right candidate who seems to fit your culture. He just feels right. His skills, social dispositions, the way he interacts with others, beliefs and values just make him the ideal candidate.
Work-Life Balance
Gone are the days when an employee was married to his job. These days the
companies seek for a complete work-life balance of their employees. They don’t want their people to suffer a burnout. For some companies, it is a mandatory rule that their people go for leaves. A major chunk of their annual budget is set aside to make them go for paid vacations. The boss feels that the employees need time to relax and unwind. This is the culture which they swear by.
Five days Work Week
Is a single Sunday enough to wash off the fatigue of the entire 6 days’ work week? Well, guess, not! The employees very well understand this. So, it’s five days’ work week for most of the companies. This is the culture so that the employees look forward to work after the weekends. Moreover, this type of perception helps organizations because their employees are more satisfied, work harder and want to stay in their jobs longer. They also perform better.
Open door policy
Have any kinds of confusions or questions in the workplace? Want to settle it down with your boss? Well, it is easy! Nowadays the doors are kept open to any employee. Open communication, feedback and discussion are initiated at the workplace. The culture is such that there is openness and transparency within the system. With the boss making himself accessible these days, the employees gradually learn to trust him.
The Way Forward
Work may be challenging, it may be strenuous, it may be difficult sometimes, no doubt. But the culture of any organization can create all the positive impact on the employees. With the right culture in vogue, employees are happy beings and content at the workplace. The people look forward to work every day rather than detecting the very idea of going to work.