Bad career advice you should ignore

At some point in our lives we have always been told to focus on getting good grades and that our life will be great afterward. You might have also heard, clear this entrance exam and your life will be sorted. But, no one ever told us how we can accelerate our career and avoid dunce mistakes.

We have been getting bad advice from our friends, relatives, and even mentors. Possibly, they also might have received the same career advice earlier in their lives. It might be possible that they are not even in touch with career trends.
But don’t worry guys, we are here to share some of the bad advice that you must ignore if you are starting your career or have even if you’ve already started..

Take the job now for money and leave it later:
Yes, money is important for a living but imagine yourself doing a job that you don’t even enjoy. There is no point in taking up a job that you don’t even like as it will end up giving you only disappointment.

Lie on your Resume, everyone does that:

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to lie about your education or experience on your resume. Potential employers might find out about your lie through reference checks or checking you up on social media.

Make your resume very long and detailed: A resume is a marketing document that you use to sell yourself to the employer. It should be brief and up to the point unless you want to put the hiring manager to sleep.


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You don’t have to practice for the interview:

Before going for the interview, you should always try to practice some common questions that the interviewer asks in the interview. Try to sit with your friend or you can even practice in front of the mirror. Try to practice mock tests if you get nervous in the interview (which we all get) or are tongue-tied. Always go prepared and research the company well.

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Don’t be friends with co-workers: You spend 8 to 9 hours daily with your colleagues. That totally stands the reason we get to know our co-workers pretty well and become friends too.

You can’t just sit alone and do your work; we do need someone with whom we can share our thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc. 

Although, you should keep your professional relationship professional.