Importance of speaking Good English

English.. a simple seven letter word! But is it really that simple? Well, I guess not. In fact, this is still the most dreaded word. We start getting cold feet whenever we have to communicate in English. We break out in a sweat at the very thought of speaking to the interviewer in English. In a country like India, there is a huge hype regarding language English. Accept it or deny it – all our confidence, the way we present ourselves, everything is associated with this language. And sadly enough, our self-esteem and respect also happens to revolve around English.
You might have a lot of degrees under your belt. But honestly, the job market right now is not concerned just with your degrees. At the end of the day, your communication skills weigh heavier these days. And when I speak about communication skills, I mean only the language English.
Ever wondered, what makes English so important? Fair question! Why does English get such royal treatment? Fair question, again! Well, let us discuss a few.
English opens up new Avenues and Opportunities:
English is an important language for all kinds of personal and professional goals in our lives. To put it very blatantly, speaking fluent English is one of the key attributes of success these days. English is a global language. Even for a nation to prosper, it has to be an English speaking nation. For example, let us take the case of China. China, as a country had been lagging in grabbing the great economic opportunities because of their incapacity in using English. It took a bit of time for China to understand this bitter truth. But once it did, China ensured that the English Fever grabbed the entire population. Starting in the third grade, the Chinese are now required to study English.
And well, once China emerges as a strong English speaking nation, we know what is going to happen? It will start posing serious threats to the other nations and especially to India.
One of the very few edges we have over China is the number of English speaking people. A major advantage and we don’t want to lose it out to our dear friends from Shaolin.
Speaking fluent English makes you feel good and confident
Want to feel good about yourself? Well, out of the many things that you can do, why don’t you try to speak English well? It might sound sadistic, but the bitter truth to gulp down the throat is – English can change your life. Yes, you got it right! A language can make you feel good about yourself. It can change your perspectives towards life. And most importantly, it changes your entire personality. Everything changes about you. The way you speak with people, the way you interact with others, everything goes for a major transformation. You no longer stay behind the curtains. Rather you are out there in the front playing a leading role in your professional life.
You become more attractive to an employer
Does that sound too trivial? Guess what, it isn’t? English fluency will definitely give you the competitive edge when applying for a job. Regardless of the type of job you do, if you speak fluent English, you are able to make a mark for yourself. No matter whatever is your career choice, your boss will simply find your perspective for any assignment if you know the language well. You can paint a pretty clear picture of what you can achieve in your profession if you possess good communication skills. Well, time for some thinking?
The Way Ahead
So if you don’t want to end up losing great opportunities, learn the language English. Rather, if you lack good communication skills, get enrolled in any good tutorial English Speaking Institute. Or, you could also try certain basic techniques to learn the language fluently all by yourself. Reading a newspaper, standing in the front of the mirror, speaking to your friends in English, all help. The choice is yours.
Good luck to master this global language.