Here’s How To Keep Employees Motivated During Pandemic

It’s never easy to be a business owner. One has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. Even at the best of times, it’s much like a juggling act: One has to keep many balls in the air. But during this pandemic, things can be much tougher. So, how do you keep your employees motivated?  

How do you ensure that they stay engaged and loyal to the company? No doubt, a tough situation shall increase your responsibilities manifold. But, there are various productive ways to keep your employees motivated.

Let us discuss a few of the strategies..

#1. Be honest with your team

A crisis is the best time for you to be honest, transparent, hunker down, and engage positively with your team. Remember that you are not alone in this.  You have a team ready to be with you during this tough time. So be open, sit down with your team and discuss the ground realities. There would be so many fears and uncertainties looming over. No doubt, a sense of insecurity is prevailing all around. The key here is to create an environment, where employees genuinely feel secured and involved. 

Propel a sense of collective responsibility so that employees believe they have a degree of control over their destiny.

#2. Be visible

 Be visible. Keep your door open–literally and figuratively. Make it clear, that whoever wants to talk about whatever’s going on, can feel comfortable coming to you.  Tell them that you are just a phone call away. Answer their questions, acknowledge their concerns, and dwell in positive conversations.

Communicate it to the team that you want to invest in them, and not just take up their input. Let your employees know you care about them. Boost up the morale of the team. Explain to them that all businesses can face gloomy days and it’s a temporary phase. But despite the challenges, there is no reason, why the company can’t return to success, with everyone’s efforts. This attitude shall make all the difference

#3. Keep employees engaged

The truth is, in the most challenging times, how a company keeps its employees engaged, will build trust, confidence, and loyalty. The global economy might be floundering and your company’s business may not be like normal times. But it doesn’t mean that no work can’t take place at all. This may be one of the best times to engage the employees in a lot of other things.

You, being the owner. can chalk out who is best at what.  Get some of them involved in problem-solving. Some can contribute to business development. The others can lay the groundwork so that when things are normal, you are ready for all the bigger things. The idea is to make them feel productive. By openly acknowledging their contribution you are creating an invigorating, progressive, and inclusive workplace that shall help to survive the bumpy roads ahead.

#4. Charge up the situation

The atmosphere in a place of business, during such times, can get pretty gloomy. Set aside some recreational activities to cheer up the employees. Indulge in anything that makes them feel good. Let the Human Resource team come up with effective suggestions.

Tough time can become a learning process, rather than stressful for the team if the company gives them scope to grow in ways that are important to them.

This might include conducting courses on interpersonal skills, developing their communication effectiveness, or getting coaching to improve leadership skills. With less work during this time, focus on ways to increase the productivity of the employees at the workplace

The Way Forward

Here’s the reality. For a good time, things won’t be rosy.   The job market and economy are going to be very tenuous. It won’t be easy to pull anything together. But, with motivation, a great team can navigate the bumpy roads and tide over any crisis.  We need to hold on. 

Accept the current reality; lay the groundwork, so that when things are normal, you are ready for all the bigger things.