Google Primer -Pros and Cons

Want to learn some basic modern marketing skills at your own pace on your mobiles?

Well, Google has something for you. It has one of its best-kept secrets kept in the form of a business tool which goes by the name 'Primer'

  The basic idea is that the world is revolutionizing to a largely mobile platform and hence that also impacts how you want to learn and go for basic marketing skills. Now coming to the application, Google Primer was launched amidst great excitement by the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai way back in 2017. It is a free mobile application designed with the very basic purpose to teach digital marketing skills. While this app proves to be incredibly useful for professionals to learn the tricks of marketing on mobiles, a basic question stems up! Can Google Primer be used as a replacement/ alternative for formal education in marketing? 
This section shall throw some insights into the pros and cons of using Google Primer.


Google has always been in the news to appear as an educational resource to the marketers. And with Primer, there was no exception. The app comes across as quite interactive. With short and precise snippets of definitions, the app looks pretty informative and appealing. 

Once a user downloads Google Primer he /she can have free access to any of the business lessons, mini quizzes to test their knowledge. And yes, to reiterate the fact, that these tests are mandatory. 

So you end up not just sitting back and reading, but you end up being involved. And since it is a mobile app, you can read it anywhere, be it be while traveling in the metro, waiting for your doctor to turn up in the chamber or at the airport.


The main issue with the Primer is that there are not many lessons there. No doubt, once a user downloads the application Google Primer, there is a sense of satisfaction. But you are also left with wanting more out of Primer.

The content of the app seems fairly rudimentary but would definitely not be deemed as common knowledge for those outside of marketing. Some additional contents on varied topics would be a great fit for business owners who are eager to learn.

For the Primer to really make a striking difference, more lessons need to be incorporated in the near future. Moreover, the application can never be considered as a substitute for training in digital marketing. To get it going for you as a professional, get a proper training done on Digital Marketing.

The Way Forward

Overall Google has done a fantastic job of bringing marketing skills to the common masses with Google Primer.

It can be made more credible by featuring lessons from top brand marketing leaders. Moving ahead, it would be very interesting to see how Google keeps on renovating it.