Data Analytics – A Lucrative career to choose

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

–Tim Berners-Lee "Inventor of the World Wide Web"

“We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.”

Tim O’Reilly, Founder, O’Reilly Media

We live in an era which is technology driven. Technology and Data goes hand in hand. The more advance we become in technology, the more data we have to manage. In such a scenario Data Analytics becomes very consequential to manage the data. 

A professional specializing in Data Analytics is in charge of collecting, crunching and analyzing the data for insight that helps their company make good decisions. Their role also lies in correlating the data to spot opportunities and create solutions for the company’s benefit. This necessitates critical thinking and creativity.

What is the need of Data Analytics?

Data speaks a lot. They have various stories to relate. Your business may make, sell or create anything. But understanding customer demographics and analyzing customer habits is vital to the success of the business. Your company’s website, customer database and social feeds all have interesting data that when analyzed can reveal a lot about the target audience. You can then launch products and tailor your services to target specific groups. This shall boost up the sales.

Before a big decision is taken in the business, every decision maker should have access to data. This decision making could take weeks, months but with agile businesses, decisions can be streamlined faster. Data Analytics here fits the picture very well. A data analyst can streamline up the entire process faster by extracting, presenting and analyzing the data for the decision makers.

 Data Analytics take the uncertainties out of business decisions.

A professional in Data Analytics extract and analyze the data so that the right path is taken.

The data analysts take account of the important parameters related to important changes so that the outcome of the decisions turns out to be conducive as well as desired by the decision makers of the business.


Why Data Analytics is the big career move?

Data Analytics has been deemed as the “Hottest job of the 21st Century” according to the Harvard Business Review. So more reasons to celebrate Data Analytics. And more reasons to opt for a career in Data Analytics. Some of the reasons are outlined below-

Booming Analytics Industry in India

The Indian Data Analytics industry is predicted to be currently close to $2.03 billion and is growing at a momentum of 23.8% annually according to a study titled “Analytics India Industry Study 2017”. It is expected that this number shall double by the year 2020. A major part of India’s Data Analytics revenue stems from analytics exports to the United States of America (USA). The Banking and Finance Sector remains the largest contributor to the Data Analytics Revenue. Don’t you think it is time to get geared up and be a part of the billion dollar industry?

The nature of the job is dynamic and interesting:

Do you find brain storming problems exciting? Then the Data Analytics Career is the right option for you. The world of data can pose various challenges to the analysts. One day you may be dealing with familiar customer data points and in the next moment fresh data sets might be piled up on your system. This can be mentally stimulating but if brain teasing problems excite you then this is the right job for you.

Good and varied range of career choices:

In the field of Data Analytics, there are plethoras of career opportunities to choose from. Sectors like Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Textile, Retail etc. have interesting options for the Data Analysts. A person specialized in Data Analytics can take up the role as- The Big Data Analytics Architect, Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer, Business Consultant, Analytics Consultant, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization Analyst and many more. Doesn’t Data Analytics sound thrilling?

Lucrative pay package

The Data Analytics Industry is highly sought after and hence promises a good pay package. According to Glass door, the average salary of Data Analysts is around 50% more than other IT professionals and is about INR 6, 44857 per year. Moreover, according to the “The Indian Analytics Industry Salary Trend Report”, 14% of data analysts draw a salary package of more than Rs. 15 lac per annum. Doesn’t that sound motivating to choose Data Analytics as a career?

The Way Forward

There is no doubt that Data Analytics is a prominent competitive resource for many companies. In the coming future, Data Analytics will become very important to the organizations. There is an urgent need for skilled Data Analysts to understand data, analyze them and utilize them in regard to the company’s views and future perspectives. A future in Data Analytics is rewarding and promises lots of growth.