Confidence Building



“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

Rightly quoted by the influential Marcus Garvey – a leader in the Black Nationalist Movement, the statement carries with it the push you may be looking for, to take a step ahead in life. Interestingly, confidence is the sure-shot way to success.

Hashtag HR (#HR) has come forward to give your confidence a boost if you have the spark in you; if you are ready to optimally utilize your strengths. Our exclusively designed training programs for the Digiperform students are an advancement to help you achieve what you truly deserve. From confidence building to personality development, and tailor-made activities for those who need a little extra encouragement, we have got you covered.

Your journey with us would also include:

1. Group Extempore

You should always choose your words before speaking no matter how shorter or longer the duration
of the conversation is. Extempore, to be specific, is a speech delivered without preparation. Being
fluent and articulate while you speak is very important, on all occasions.
Hashtag HR organizes group extempore for the DigiPerfom students to hone their communication

2. Tailor-made Program

Considering that many of the students have been unsuccessful in the interviews despite their
technical knowledge, Hashtag HR has come up with a tailor-made program for those who need a
little extra care. Our trainers offer you personal guidance when they find the need to go the extra

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